Rhymes by John Wester

    Angie Rivers' Arabian Nights Sheherazade in combat boots. 4/10/08

    Goose Step Sex and politics--Reich was right. 12/27/07

    Uncle Scofflaw ...to a guerilla farmer. 11/25/07

    I Swear. Not easy being calm. 10/27/07

    You Talking To Me? Nonsense, you're paranoid. 8/9/07

    January Thaw : slippery going, 4/24/07

    October Surprise forgotten, 1/06/07

    Universal Jihad , a rant for everyone, 9/28/06

    May Day , two months later, 7/15/06.

    Chances. Mostly slim. 05/11/06

    Van Gogh , a biography in rhyme. 05/07/06

    Last Gasp 02/11/06

    Oh Lord, Aren't You Tired Yet? 11/25/05)

    Rhymes Meantimes, new rhymes for mean times 7/21/05

    Devil's Headboard, my mother-in-law provided the title--her daughter was in bed with the devil. 8/19/04

    Taxqueña, story about three migrants who run the border and into the KKK. 1984

    Ramona, country realist, her, city sweetheart, him. The boy didn't have a chance. 1982

    Bottom Line, some write it, the rest suffer it. Short stuff. 1988

    Slick as Snot, on a doorknob--quick and dirty ditties. 1989

    Menudo, making the best of leftovers. 1990

    Prevy's Chevy, four short stories about four big kids. 1976

    Stack & Jack, the story behind Stagger Lee, the history on Jack. 1972/1984

    Company Town, San Diego, that is. Notes on the Machinists' strike of 1975. 1975

    Harbinger, a true story about a California commune in the late 60's. The commune's founder worked for an obscure department of the National Security Agency, "54/12". 1987

    Until Death Do Us, short shots for abused women. Updated 11/04/04

    A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens in 1842 during the 3rd depression the world had ever known (the first was in 1826). These are rhymes made from Dickens' classic. 1984

    Kat's Kradle, ties that bind. 1993

    Arminia, May-December romance. Should have known better. 1992

    Redwood Empire, pot wars in the Emerald Triangle (Humboldt, Shasta and Mendocino Counties, CA). 1984

    Hammer Marks, short rhymes, small actions, large consequences--dedicated to the Berrigan brothers, Blue Collar, unions & working poor. Mother Goose is back. 1973

    Red Moonlight, rhymes, as feminist as I could make them. 1980-??

    Harvest Sparks, Third World living in the USA, third world dying from the USA--short and long rhymes. 1980s

    Common Sight, writing on the wall, grafitti driven underground. 1970s plus